Understanding the hype: iPads and book apps in children’s services

October 16, 2012. 10:30-11:30
Vicki Oatis from Norwalk Public Library.

2 years ago, they started using iPads in the children’s department. She will share what works and what haven’t.
Norwalk community is very diverse population. Not a lot of the community can afford their own iPads. 4 iPads for in house use- one is first generation the other 3 are ipads 2. All ipads are linked to one account but no more than 5 ipads per account. Last year those were circulated just under 400 times. They have it in the literacy stations. Loaded lots of literacy apps and book apps. This allows people to try it out. Originally they had to sign an agreement. But not any more too much paperwork but will need to bring it back because internet is not filtered. They have an table just for iPad use enough for use of 4 iPads. Parental supervision. No downloads permitted. For one hour at a time. Purchasing of apps through the book budget.
Use in story time. Best with small groups, allow children to touch and interactive with it, can use it with large groups, connect to a projector – VGA converter cable for $29.
Finding apps. Kirkus review book apps which is free on their website, AppSmitten – breaks apps down by categories, rely on patron requests, talking animal apps, recommendations from blogs and magazines
Favorite apps and uses. For story time- the going to bed book, barnyard dance, moo baa la la la, go away big green monster, sun goes to bed. For school visits- bartlebys book of buttons, Nash smasher, spot the dot. Apps for at the table- real racing, cookie doodle-you make a cookie. Temple run, fruit ninja, car racing popular game apps.
Words of warning. No easy way to delete history or clear-you can reset but then you have to reinstall all the apps. Precaution- close all open apps, open email to make sure no one is logged in, clear safari history, clear history on YouTube. Good advice- do not. Put folder titled Education because the name is too boring, best not to use folders at all.
All children deserve the opportunity to try out new technology. Help provide them with the skill sets they need to develop latest skills set.

Demonstration of some Story time book apps. Pending on the number of audience she will let kids come up and touch the screen. Barnyard dance can make animals dance. Animations and background music. The going to bed book. Nash smasher. Pat the cat. Pop out Peter rabbit. Don’t let the pigeon run. Monster at the end of this book. The three little pigs secrets of a pop up book.
For older kids. Sock puppets- create a play and can record. Reel director-make movies and shows. Alice in wonderland, the fantastic flying books of mr morris lessmore.
Games. Car racing.


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